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BNIB - Ledger Nano S

Razz Ends: Jul 31, 2021, 11:59 pm
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If you've been around in 2021, you've likely heard of cryptocurrency. Likely Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), amongst many others.

Cold Storage Wallets keep your funds completely in your control and it is IMPOSSIBLE to be intercepted EVEN while connected to your computer.

If you hold more than a few hundred dollars in cryptocurrency and dont have a cold wallet, I have to wonder what are you doing?! Trying to be the next story about lost bitcoin never to be recovered and millions locked away 5 years from now.

No, you're smarter than that. You back up wih a cold wallet and lock it in a safe where not even a tyrinical government could take it from you (It has a cool panic feature, look it up, even held at gunpoint you could send all the funds to an account setup for your family)...not to get so extreme but it's the safest place to keep your crypto without losing it and potentially losing millions like so many stories we heard...if they only had a cold wallet. Poor guys. Be smart, keep your funds stored COLD (OFFLINE).

Don't worry about losing the ledger either, it has you covered for that too.

TD Bank for less than $100 dollars, I wonder if this will disrupt paying outrageous fees and receiving no interest on even large sums of money when savings on Binance is guaranteed to yield you 6-10% a year on USD savings account. And its insured, just like the bank.

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