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Razz Ends: Jan 9, 2022, 11:59 pm
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Quad Signed Hoverboard & Frazztastic Case!!

This one of a kind piece of signed movie memorabilia has been created and displayed by Master Carpenter Joe Fratto!

Holiest of Holy Grail Pieces!!!

This case took almost a year to obtain the pieces and the development of the display case.

Back To The Future II introduced us all to the Hoverboard which quickly became an iconic part of our childhood. This completely original 1 of 1 case includes a prop Hoverboard that Joe created custom holders to display it perfectly. It is signed in true Manhart fashion with perfect pen colors (Bright Blue, Lime Green, Pink and Purple by:

* Marty McFly (Michael J Fox)

* Doc (Christopher Lloyd) w/ “Great Scott” script

* Lorraine (Leah Thompson) w/ “Lorraine” script

* Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) w/ “Biff” script

The Hoverboard is authenticated by Official Pix who got a variety of things signed at different Cons in the past year.

This case measures 40x36x10 and is made of top notch materials. This is a solid wood case and expertly crafted! Please look at the videos attached to see all the details but here are some of the specifics:

Nike Air Mag sneakers (Rep) included and are hardwired inside the case so you can operate them from outside the case. This was a critical breakthrough Joe came up with so that you don’t have to open the case to use them!

Custom Graphics - Joe spent a ton of time finding the right graphics that work for this case! They look amazing as you can see and really captures the essence of the movie and the signed board!

Inside Lighting- Joe equipped the case with lighting that lets you choose a vast amount of color options including strobing effects as you can see from the video!

DeLorean screen with Date/Time from the movie! Joe created a completely separate case up top WITH separate lighting to show the exact date and time from the iconic scenes where Doc & Marty go into the Future! This has a separate lighting system that is controlled from another remote!

Extras - Includes a prop Sports Almanac from the movie, Marty McFly license that can be added inside the case if you’d like along with a ton of extras as shown in the picture.

This will be at the focal point of anyone’s collection guaranteed to turn heads for anyone who sees it!

If you are a Back to the Future fan, this is truly a must have and can be yours for only $20 US if you are the selected purchase.

Once the sale is complete and all spots are filled Randomization will automatically be done and one person will own the memorabilia of a lifetime!

Once this Razz fills, a $3000 US donation will be made to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research!

Razzall Direct is a Razzall Verified Seller and we guarantee the authenticity of this product!

ITEM IS IN THE US and will be subject to Taxes and Duty at Border if shipped to Canada

THE AUTHENTICATION COMPANY OFFICIAL PIX is also Razzall Verified and we stand behind the authentication of the item.

*the items are replicas of the actual movie props.

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