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$50 Dollars of any CryptoCoin

Razz Ends: Jul 31, 2021, 11:59 pm
Category: $1 Razzes
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Warranty: No

$50 Dollars of any cryptocurrency deposited to the wallet address sent to me by the winner within 1 hour of winning. The funds will be held in escrow until the Crypto is delivered.

$50 dollars worth of any crypto currency at market value at the time of this being won. If you buy $50 in BTC or ETH in the next week, within 6 months you will get 50-100% return on your investment.

Buy now while the markets low so on the next upswing you have a nice profit, just watch it grow :) Market will go up 30% within 2 weeks, don't miss the short term and long term potential! Who isn't talking about it, just get in it already!

For the price of your coffee everyday.... *insert sales pitch here*

**DISCLAIMER: All investments carry risk and nothing is guaranteed. If you can't afford to spend a dollar to make $50, please don't you need it more than you need crypto. I will pay all transaction fees, you will receive exactly $50 USD worth of the coin chosen.

Location: Canada Icon
Member Since: July 2019


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